Which tap adaptor is specified for which tap? Pentair (MTF-TA)

The tap adaptor specified for each tap - Pentair (MTF-TA):

Tap Fitted Tap Thread Size Adapter Code Description
Horne M24 MTF-TA24-S/S
The majority of medical tap manufacturers now supply taps with an M24 size diffuser. When the diffuser is removed the cavity is filled with the Fileder tap adaptor which includes an ISO metric type thread (M24) and O-rings for a watertight seal.
Armitage Shanks -
Contour & Markwik
Kohler Mira - Rada ACU M18 MTF-TA18-S/S
This tap has a built-in sensor that allows water flow with a wave of the hand. Fileder designed this adaptor to be longer to avoid sensor activation by the filter. This tap also has a narrower thread (M18).
Internal Thread 1/2” Female MTF-TA1/2M
Some manufacturers include a 1/2” internal thread in their range for the diffuser, typically for the older models
External Thread 1/2” Male MTF-TA1/2F
A few manufacturers have a 1/2” external thread to include an anti-splash device, such as Markwik wall mixer range (eg S8200).
Various None MTF-TAU
Due to the wide range of taps available, the Universal tap adaptor covers for almost all tap sizes. Please advise Fileder of your requirements.