Pentair 10" / 20" Big Blue Plastic Housings
Pentair 10" / 20" Big Blue Plastic Housings

Pentair 10" / 20" Big Blue Plastic Housings

Pentair BB10BL3/4"HFPPW/PR
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Big Blue housings offer the versatility to meet large capacity filtration needs.

Accepting both 10″ and 20″ lengths in large diameter (BB) cartridges, these extra-large housings allow for greater capacity, reducing both the number of vessels required for high flow rate applications and cartridge changeout frequency. Big Blue housings are compatible with a broad range of chemicals due to their all-polypropylene construction.

The 10″ clear Big Blue version is manufactured with a polypropylene head and polycarbonate sump and is only available with 1″ NPT port. Pentair Big Blue® housings come with FDA compliant Buna-N O-rings.

Key Product Features

  • Manufactured from virgin polypropylene (opaque) or styrene acrylonitrile (clear)
  • Reduces cartridge changeout frequency
  • Easy to install, operate and maintain
  • Buna-N O-ring
  • Pressure release button option
  • Meets BS6920, WRAS standards and FDA compliant
SKU Description Part Number
BB10BL3 /4"HFPPW /PR Big Blue 10", 3⁄4" NPT, with pressure release 150469
BB10BL1" BTHFPPW /PR Big Blue 10", 1", with pressure release 150262
BB10BL1" BTHFPPWO /PR Big Blue 10", 1", without pressure release 150263
BB10BL11/2" BTHFPPW /PR Big Blue 10", 11⁄2", with pressure release 150257
BB10BL11/2" BTHFPPWO /PR Big Blue 10", 11⁄2", without pressure release 150258
BB20BL3/4" HFPPW /PR Big Blue 20", 3⁄4" NPT, with pressure release 150467
BB20BL3/4" HFPPWO / PR Big Blue 20", 3⁄4" NPT, without pressure release 150468
BB20BL1" BTHFPPW /PR Big Blue 20", 1", with pressure release 150273
BB20BL1" BTHFPPWO /PR Big Blue 20", 1", without pressure release 150274
BB20BL11/2" BTHFPPW /PR Big Blue 20", 11⁄2", with pressure release 150253
BB20BL11/2" BTHFPPWO /PR Big Blue 20", 11⁄2", without pressure release 150254
BBHEAD 3⁄4", 1", 11⁄2", with or without pressure release -
BB10SUMP Big Blue 10" sump 153029
BB20SUMP Big Blue 20" sump 153070
BB10CL /BL1"W /PRLX Big Blue 10" clear, 1" NPT, with pressure release 166219
BB20CL /BL1"W /PRLX Big Blue 20" clear, 1" NPT, with pressure release 166201

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